Adopting a new chinchilla?

by Taylor

I've had my male chinchilla since he was six weeks old (he's 8 now). Next month I will be getting a new cage and moving into a new apartment. I've found a spayed 5 year old female at a local animal shelter and was wondering if it would be a good idea to keep the two of them together in the same cage or if it would be better to keep my chinchilla alone.



Combining chinchillas, especially older ones, is always risky. They get used to living by themselves (just like us!), so combining them could create conflict.

That said, the ultimate success of any combination depends on their personalities... if they are easy going and get along with others - it may be fine!

Introduce them for brief intervals in a large area (so they have the ability to hide/get away), and see how it goes.

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Nov 26, 2011
Introducing a new chinchilla NEW
by: Anonymous

When we introduced our male chinchilla to a female a couple of years ago, with no real intent on housing them together. We kept them in separate cages several feet from each other. This gave them a chance to see each other and communicate but also gave them their own space. It wasn't long before we notice that each would sit in the space closest to the other cage and they would spend most of their time looking at each other so we moved the cages closer together. Within a few days the cages were right next to each other and the chins would sit as possible with only the cage between them.

At that point we decided if they wanted to be together we might as well let them. Knowing the females tend to be more territorial we put the female into the male's cage. They are now inseparable and have been together for about 3 years.

IF you decide to get another, this may be an easy way to help acquaint them.

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